Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pleasing the partners.

I do civil defense.  Litigation.  I've tried half a dozen in my long career.  Won 80%.  Sent to a no-brain deposition last week.  Sit and take notes.  Two-day-er.  Important client.  Not joking -- after partner found out they were sending the 'young female' associate, he started raging that his client was going to be mad.  I guess not enough gravitas.  He literally yelped that his client doesn't like females.  (truly I am not the women's lib type... but what am I SUPPOSED to think when this is what's yelled at me?)  I guess co-defendants liked me (only estrogen in the room), because they settled the matter, and had my client pay $0.  I've never heard of a defense matter being settled for $0.  But I did it.  Did angry partner grovel?  Nope.  Got a "preciate ya".  Welcome to the south. 

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